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Board of Directors

Steven L. Packebush

Steven L. Packebush


Mr. Packebush is a founder and partner in Elevar Partners, LLC, a company providing advisory and consulting services and capital solutions for companies in the agriculture and energy markets. Prior to Elevar Partners, Mr. Packebush worked at Koch Industries, Inc. for over 30 years, retiring in March 2018. Until his retirement, he was the president of Koch Ag & Energy Solutions ("Koch Ag"). Under Mr. Packebush’s leadership, Koch Ag grew from a break-even business to one of the larger business units at Koch Industries and one of world’s largest fertilizer companies. Koch Ag manufactured, marketed, distributed, and traded more than 14 million tons of fertilizer products annually. Key to this growth was acquiring and integrating five nitrogen fertilizer production plants in North America and equity interest in three nitrogen plants in Trinidad and Tobago. In addition, significant capital and resources were invested in the North American plants to improve the environmental, health and safety, efficiencies, and reliability of these facilities. Also, a $1.3 billion plant expansion project located in Enid, Oklahoma was executed, and a global fertilizer supply, trading, and distribution business was developed with commercial office locations in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Mr. Packebush also oversaw the expansion of Koch Ag to include three additional start-up businesses: Koch Energy Services became one of the largest natural gas marketing companies in North America; Koch Methanol supplied methanol to global customers in the plywood, carpet, fuels, and plastics markets; and Koch Agronomic Services became one of world’s largest enhanced-efficiency fertilizer producers and marketers. Prior to his time at Koch Ag, Mr. Packebush held various business development and commercial roles in Koch International, Koch Agriculture, and Koch Minerals. Mr. Packebush serves as a Golsen Designee under the terms of the Amended Board Representation and Standstill Agreement.

Mr. Packebush currently serves on the PHX Minerals, Inc. Board of Directors, Kansas State University Dean’s Agriculture Advisory Board, and the Wichita Metropolitan YMCA and YMCA360 Board of Directors. Previously he served on the board of directors of Monolith Materials Inc., EuroChem Group AG, Caribbean Nitrogen, Nitrogen 2000, KOCHPAC, and The Fertilizer Institute. He has also served on The Fertilizer Institute’s executive committee and Koch Industries’ Compliance and Ethics Executive Committees. Mr. Packebush is a 1987 graduate of Kansas State University with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics.

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